Be inspired by actions, not looks

This may come across as a bit of a rant, but a humbling encounter with an exceptionally memorable patient in the hospital today got me to thinking about some things…

The nature of the fitness industry lends itself to a strong focus on “look.” Thousands of “fitspo” pictures of shredded abs and arms and glutes are posted daily as “inspiration.”

But really, what is so inspiring about these things? Honestly, nothing. That’s not inspiration. Inspiration comes from people’s’ actions, their character, their message. What is that person doing or overcoming every day to get those abs? What is that person doing to make themselves a BETTER PERSON?

Personally, I am more inspired by the patient I see in the hospital bed dealing with a terrible situation who has a better outlook on life than 99% of the people I encounter on a daily basis (myself included). What would your outlook be like in a situation like that? Because let’s be honest, most of us would have a hard time seeing the bright side.

I’m inspired by the obese person that finds the courage to go to the gym, despite being uncomfortable, despite the looks they get from the “fitspo” crowd. The person that loses 100+ pounds through hard work and dedication and probably more struggle than we can ever imagine but will never have those “fitspo” abs.

I’m inspired by people who genuinely help others; people who set a good example; people with morals; people that care about more in life than how they look; people that don’t quit despite the fact that the odds are stacked against them — IN LIFE. Not just in the gym or during contest prep.

So start looking a little deeper at your sources of inspiration. Be inspired by people’s actions, by their message. Not by how they look.

And if you’re biggest struggle is that you’re feeling “fluffy” in your morning ab selfie because of the cheeseburger you ate last night, I’m sorry, you are not an inspiration.

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