A former NCAA division 1A gymnast turned IFBB Professional League Fitness Pro, Erin is a lifelong health and wellness practitioner. Currently she is the bariatric coordinator and registered dietitian for a prominent surgery center in Southern Jersey where she works with a specialized team that helps obese patients achieve a healthy weight through promotion of quality nutrition and lifestyle changes during the pre and post operative period. Erin has also acquired a wealth of experience as a clinical dietitian having previously worked in a critical care setting within a large medical center in North Jersey. In addition to her full time responsibilities as a bariatric coordinator, she also work on a per diem basis as a clinical dietitian at a large level 1 trauma center in South Jersey. When not tending to patients, Erin is an active athlete who has enjoyed sponsorship from prestigious sports nutrition companies such as Gaspari Nutrition. As a result of her unique experience as a high level gymnast, team coach, pro sponsored athlete, fitness professional and clinical dietitian, she is committed to the promotion of a health and wellness in the community. Erin’s unique skillset allows her to achieve a broad range of success across the spectrum of nutrition- from motivating her patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle and achieve an optimal weight, to communicating the details of enteral and parenteral nutrition to acute care medical staff, to breaking down nutrition fundamentals to young novice athletes. There is no doubt that Erin not only talks the talk but walks the walk when it comes to nutrition, health and fitness. .


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  1. Short, sweet, concise, and impressive. When do you sleep???? It sounds to me like your plate is full, but knowing what I do of you, from the http://www., I’m going to assume you are going to forge ahead and seek out new opportunities on a regular basis. I know you’ll succeed. I wish you all the best for a healthy, ambitious and productive career and family life~E

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